Readers ask: How To Bill Insurance For Massage Therapy?


How do you bill massages to insurance?

The simpler you keep the billing process, the better. Develop a system that works, and stick to it. When billing, use Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) form 1500, unless the company insists otherwise. Use billing CPT codes 97124 ( massage therapy) and 97010 (hot pack or ice pack) only.

How do you code massage therapy?

What Are the Specific CPT Codes that Massage Therapists Can Use?

  1. CPT Code 97124 Massage Therapy.
  2. CPT Code 97140 Manual Therapy.
  3. CPT Code 97112 Neuromuscular Re-education.
  4. CPT Codes 97010 Hot/Cold Packs.
  5. CPT Codes 97110 Therapeutic Exercise.

What is the ICD 10 code for massage therapy?

ICD – 10 -PCS 8E0KX1Z is a specific/billable code that can be used to indicate a procedure.

Is Massage Therapy regulated?

The massage therapy industry is substantially self- regulated. Under the Act’s Rule 10 provisions, massage therapists wishing to be private health insurance providers are required to be a member of a professional body with entry-to-practice requirements.

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What modifier do I use for massage therapy?

Modifier “-59” & 8-Minute Rule According to the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI), massage therapy (97124) and manual therapy (97140) are considered to be linked, meaning if one of these codes is billed, only one payment may be received despite two services being provided.

What is the CPT code 97110?

CPT code 97110 is defined as “therapeutic exercises to develop strength, endurance, range of motion and flexibility.” It applies to a single or multiple body parts, and requires direct contact with a qualified healthcare professional. active, active assistive, or passive range of motion to improve joint motion.

What is the 8 minute rule?

A therapist must provide direct one-to-one therapy for at least 8 minutes to receive reimbursement for a time based treatment code. When only one service is provided in a day, you shouldn’t bill for services performed for less than 8 minutes.

What does CPT code 97112 mean?

CPT ® 97112: Neuromuscular reeducation of movement, balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense, posture, and proprioception. Neuromuscular re-education is intended to be performed with one- on -one patient contact.

What are manual therapy techniques?

The International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT) defines manual therapy techniques as: “Skilled hand movements intended to produce any or all of the following effects: improve tissue extensibility; increase range of motion of the joint complex; mobilize or manipulate soft tissues

What does CPT code 97140 mean?

Therefore, procedure code 97140 describes ‘hands-on’ therapy techniques. Typically, the goals of manual therapy are to modulate pain, increase joint range of motion, and reduce or eliminate soft tissue swelling, inflammation, or restriction.

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How do you bill for cupping therapy?

Some providers have reported success with billing for cupping using CPT code 97139 (Unlisted Therapeutic Procedure).

Can a massage therapist diagnose?

Massage Therapists are not permitted to diagnose and must work from a doctor’s prescription if they are claiming to treat a specific condition. Non-prescribed therapy may also be administered where a massage therapy professional’s assessment shows soft-tissue imbalances.

What are the disadvantages of being a massage therapist?

What are the Disadvantages of Massage Therapy?

  • Time Engaging. We live in a busy world where time factor is a rare commodity.
  • Expense. Trained and accredited therapists earn a living conducting massage therapies and they are not free.
  • Physical Injuries.
  • Awkwardness.
  • Aftereffect.

Why is massage a Licence profession?

Professional licensing laws also enhance public safety by enforcing disciplinary actions against non-compliant practitioners. Statewide licensing is an instrument for public protection to ensure a person cannot claim to be a massage therapist without demonstrated education training and knowledge.

What is considered inappropriate during a massage?

A massage therapist should never touch the genital area of the client. This is either sexual abuse or prostitution. However, it is never appropriate to perform massage on or touch a woman’s nipples. The area of the upper inner thigh, either in front or back, is an area that is rarely touched.

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