Readers ask: How To Use Thai Massage Ball?


How do you use a herbal compress ball?

Directions for Use

  1. Soak the herbal compress completely in water for approximately one minute and remove.
  2. Warm the compresses in an herbal compress steamer for another ten to fifteen minutes.
  3. Check the temperature of the compresses by holding them against your upper arm before placing it directly on yourself of a client.

What is a Thai herbal ball massage?

Thai Herbal Ball Massage is a method of treatment utilized in traditional Thai medicine. A selection of therapeutic herbs, including phrai, ginger, turmeric and lemongrass, are wrapped in a muslin compress, steamed and then applied to the body in gentle pressing, circular and rolling movements.

How do you heat up a Thai compress?

To heat the compress, steam it either in a food steamer: rice cooker or slow cooker/crock pot. It’s best to use an inner tray to keep it from sitting directly in the water.

What is herbal poultice?

A poultice, also called a cataplasm, is a paste made of herbs, plants, and other substances with healing properties. The paste is spread on a warm, moist cloth and applied to the body to relieve inflammation and promote healing. Some can be spread directly on the skin.

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How do you make a herbal compress?

How to make and use an herbal compress:

  1. First make a strong tea with your desired herbs. I like to use about 3 Tablespoons per cup of water.
  2. Soak a clean piece of fabric/cotton material in the tea and squeeze excess tea out of the cloth.
  3. Place soaked cloth on your skin and wrap around the area in need.

How Thai herbal massage creates impact on our body?

Stimulates circulation Thai massage can promote the circulation of both blood and lymph through the use of gentle stretches. These yoga-like stretches increase blood circulation, which fills the body’s tissues with oxygen. This helps promote cell growth and heart health.

What is a Thai Stem Massage?

Thai Herbal Stem Massage combines traditional massage techniques with therapeutic herbs and essential oils bundled up in the stems. The oils and resins are steamed to release their healing properties and are then massaged over the body.

What is Luk Pra Kob?

Herbal Poultice Massage ritual ( Luk Pra Kope ) During this blissful Thai based massage ritual, warm, healing, herbal poultices are rolled, massaged and pressed onto the body, tracing the energy pathways and pressure points. Muscular tension is released, inducing a deep relaxation.

How do you reheat Thai herbal balls?

Thai Herbal Ball Steamer The herbal compress balls are placed in the steamer to steam- heat for 30 to 45 minutes.

What is hot herbal compress?

The hot herbal compress contains numerous herbs tightly bound in fabric which is steamed until piping hot and firmly rolled. After a full-body, pressure point Thai massage, the hot herbal compess is pressed or pounded over the entire body in order to soothe muscle and stimulate the vital organs and senses.

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How do you make Thai herb poultice?


  1. Put 1 cup of each herb in a bowl and mix it well.
  2. Take a large handful of the herbal mixture and place it into the center of your cloth, making a firm bundle (no bigger than a tennis ball in size).
  3. Tie the top with yarn or thread to create a handle.

What is a compress massage?

Compression is an effective massage technique performed by laying hands over a muscle area and pushing down onto the tissues. Hands are then lifted and moved to a different area and then repeated. The pressure of compressions can range from light to very deep.

How do I make a warm compress?

How to make a moist warm compress

  1. Fill the bowl with water that feels hot, but not scalding, to the touch.
  2. Soak the towel in the hot water, wringing out the excess.
  3. Fold the towel into a square and apply it to the area that’s in pain.
  4. Hold the towel to your skin for up to 20 minutes at a time.

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