Readers ask: What Is Ky Touch Massage Oil?


Is KY massage oil?

Product description K-Y Brand Touch Massage 2-in-1 Warming Body Massage +Personal Lubricant: For massaging all over body, even in your most intimate areas. Gently warms on contact. Silky smooth; Fragrance free; Non-staining. K-y Brand Touch Massage Body Massage Oil: Delicately fragranced.

Is Ky touch water based?

From the #1 Doctor recommended personal lubricant brand, K-Y Brand Jelly personal lubricant has a water – based, fragrance-free, non-greasy formula that quickly prepares you for sexual intimacy and eases the discomfort of vaginal dryness during sex.

Is Ky touch edible?

KY Jelly should not be ingested or allowed to come into contact with the eyes. In case of accidental ingestion, rinse out the mouth with water.

Is massage oil and lube the same thing?

Unlike water-based, oil -based lubricants can double as sensual oils, they can be used for massage as a part of foreplay which can lead to sexual stimulation. Oil -based lubricants are easier to spread and you can cover more surface area with them.

What massage oil is best?

Here are the best massage oils on the market.

  • Best Overall: Cliganic USDA Organic Jojoba Oil.
  • Best Budget: NOW Solutions Sweet Almond Oil.
  • Best Warming: Weleda Arnica Massage Oil 
  • Best Natural: Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil.
  • Best Nut-Free: Sky Organics Pure Natural Apricot Oil.
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What is the best warming massage oil?

The Best Warming Massage Oils For Soothing, Therapeutic Relief

  1. Majestic Pure Sore Muscle Massage Oil for Joints and Muscles.
  2. Relief Arnica Massage Oil.
  3. Honeydew Aromatherapy Massage Oil.

What is the best lubricant for a woman?

  • Best Overall: Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lube.
  • Best Organic: Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant.
  • Best Water Based: LOLA Personal Lubricant.
  • Best For Sensitive Skin: Uberlube Luxury Lubricant.
  • Best Silicone: Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant.
  • Best Flavored: Wet Flavored Popp’n Cherry Edible Lube.

What is a good lubricant for males?

Best Sellers in Sexual Lubricants

  1. #1. #LubeLife Water Based Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Lubricant, 8 Ounce Sex Lube for Men,…
  2. #2. Astroglide Liquid, Water Based Personal Lubricant, 2.5 oz.
  3. #3. Überlube Luxury Lubricant | Latex-Safe Natural Silicone Lube with Vitamin E | Unscented,…
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Does KY Intense really work?

Key Question, Does This Product Really Work? Answer: Yes. In most cases, approximately 75%. The COED Science Department spotted two key ingredients that create the “Reaction”, Propylene Glycol and Niacin.

How long does KY jelly last?

Personal lubricants (like K-Y ) often do not have an expiration date o them, because the shelf life is expected to b >5 years. They are water and glycerine-based, and typically do not spoil, and are treated with a mild anti-bacterial to prevent infection.

Does KY jelly kill sperm cells?

In addition to Pre-Seed and the two recalled K-Y gels, the study looked at K-Y Warming Jelly and Astroglide. The study found no negative impact on sperm from exposure to canola or baby oil. Sesame oil, however, was associated with an immediate, drastic decline in sperm movement. And mustard oil had the opposite effect.

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What are the side effects of lubricant?

However, vaginal dryness is a very common sexual issue. Artificial lubricants reduce vaginal dryness. However, as with any healthcare product, they present some risks, including:

  • allergic reactions.
  • skin irritation.
  • yeast infections.
  • interfering with fertility.
  • drying up quickly, requiring frequent reapplication.

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